FILMPLAKAT for Pure Fiction og Sohail A. Hassan.

Jeg har lavet den engelske plakat til Pure Fictions ungdoms-horror-komedie film Revenge of the Necromancer. 

Plakaten er lavet i Photoshop med enkeltbilleder af filmens primære skuespillere og diverse stockfotos. 

Pure Fiction skriver selv om filmen: 
Jimmy isn’t just another fan of heavy metal, horror and the occult. He is obsessed with contacting the soul of his deceased mother through black magic and he is getting dangerously close. His dysfunctional father doesn’t get him and in high school he is considered a weirdo. It doesn’t bother him, because he is convinced he doesn’t need anyone, so he keeps to himself. That is until the new boy in his class, Amir, befriends him and convinces him to impress the hottest girls at the school, Louise and Anna, with a simple ritual. After the ritual Jimmy can sense that something is seriously wrong and what they did is disturbing the city’s dead, including his mom. Frantically, he tries to convince the others of an impending doom, but ends up alienating himself even further. He realises that he can’t prevent it alone, so in order to stop the dead, he has to learn how to coexist with the living.

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